Monday, August 20, 2012

Is Gertie69 Really Shortbusdude?

Its highly suspicious that this Gertie69 would pop up on the scene and start throwing out the name Shortbusdude as being the person behind this blog. Why do I say that? A few people brought it to my attention that if I went and watched some videos of Shortbusdude I would find a couple of videos ( creepy ones at that) with him dressed like a woman he calls Gertie.

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 Its somewhat interesting that his YouTube channel has the number 69 in it and then this Gertie person comes along right when the ball is about to drop on the "Fake PM's." Could Gertie69 and Shortbusdude indeed be the same person trying to stop me from dropping the names of those involved? After-all, his name could be one of the ones I am going to drop and what a better way to cast doubt than to make people think he is the one behind this blog.

Then again it could all work in my favor having people think he's behind this blog, I mean it would take any and all heat off of me. Like I stated in one of my previous posts, speculation and innuendos' that's all people have. To some people it kills them not knowing who is behind something so they light a fire in hopes that it gets hot enough so that the guilty party comes out screaming, "I DID IT!"

The only thing wrong with Gertie69 is, they left  footprints when they posted comments here and I followed those footprints right back to your front door Gertie69 or should I call you, Shortbusdude?

20 Aug11:31:43Firefox 14.0
United States FlagClearwater,
United States

 Road Runner ( [Label IP Address]

 Hold on Gertie69 aka Shortbusdude before you run around the blogosphere screaming "That's not me I swear", lets clear somethings up shall we?

Its no secret that you live in Clearwater, Fl. correct?

Its no secret that you love to be involved in any/all internet drama that involves Murt correct?

Its also no secret that you love being the center of attention and when you're not that center of attention you find ways of making sure that you are to be that center of attention at all costs correct?

Well now is the perfect opportunity for you to garner that much needed attention that you crave and I couldn't think of a better way for you to do it then to mix it up with the girls that hate Murt so much like you did before. Remember Gertie69 aka Shortbusdude? 

Before you start a World-Wide-Web campaign of denial let me remind you that your credibility is ZERO right along with the others whose names are about to appear on this blog.

So Gertie69 or Shortbusdude (whatever you're being called these days) keep the people thinking your writing this blog. The more the attention is diverted away from me the better. For those of you (Gertie69 aka Shortbusdude) who need a little hint as to who I may or may not be, I have no problem posting a tiny bit of my online identity (use it wisely).

                                                                                  Pat Dough
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Bully Speaks Out Against Bullies

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*Things that make ya go.....HMMMMMM*

Speculation and Innuendo

If there is one thing a person has to love about the internet it is the fact that a person such as myself, Pat Dough, can write a blog under an assumed name and not have to worry about having their true identity put out there for the whole world to see. As of late there has been speculation that the identity of one, Pat Dough, has been revealed via twitter and other blogs. To that I - LOL.

I must say while that is a very good ruse to get me to slip up and reveal myself inadvertently, its one that I've seen used to slam innocent people. While I'm not sure where these super e-sleuthers get their information I will say this, it is funny watching innocent person(s) getting blamed for something they have no hand in or knowledge of (as far as I know), as in this blog. As long as the eyes are on someone else the better off I will be.

I'm thinking about taking this opportunity to start name dropping while all the focus is on others as being the writers of this blog, that way I, Pat Dough, will not have to reveal myself, and the people being named as writers of this blog will take any/all blame for MY actions.

Now let me address the email that I received that someone is screaming "FAKE!"  Apparently this someone is on a World-Wide-Web tour claiming that the email is a FAKE, the same someone who had a big part in the PM's that no one wants to believe were faked to set up Murt.

The email in question was sent to me from that someone and why she is now screaming "FAKE" is beyond me, but it leaves one with something to think about, if this person claims something was made-up or faked to make her look bad then it could be done to just about anyone, right?

                                                                                       Pat Dough

                          The Big Reveal Is Coming!  




Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Someones A Little Apprehensive

I see someone, or I should say, some people, are getting a little fearful of what is coming out here at this blog. After I posted the email I received, the number of hits sky rocketed and even blogger was contacted by a concerned citizen (LOL), so someone from blogger was kind enough to stop by, but after a quick clarification with the nice folks at blogger, we resolved any problems that were being brought to their attention. 

I have to say, I never would have fathomed that me coming forward about the falsified "PM's", would have created such a stir amongst the blogosphere, nor did I ever imagine what mindless, asinine people that it would drag out of the woodwork. The only thing that was to come from this blog was and still is, to clear Murt's name, nothing more, nothing less.

Now, I want to show you just what I mean by, "Someones A Little Apprehensive." This blog has had over 675 hits in just the last 3 days and most of the hits are split from Ohio, Illinois, California and Arizona.  Rather than tell you about it, I'll show you (you know the old saying) "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words."

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 And that's just a sample of how many times a day/night this particular person comes to visit the blog since posting the email that was sent to me. Now your guess is as good as mine on who this could be (not really because I already know).

If she the person on the other side of that IP address would just come clean with me to Murt about those "PM's" being falsified, and she that person knows they were, everything could and will end as quickly as it started. I just feel its time for ALL of us who are/were involved in ALL of this to take responsibility for our actions, move forward and start acting like ADULTS! Is that asking for too much?

                                                                                                    Pat Dough   


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Very Interesting Email

Is someone getting scared of my big REVEAL or is this just a scare tactic?

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Its very interesting to me that the person mentions two people that I've never heard of , Radio and Holly, before all of this new blog wars with Murt. I've never encountered those two individuals before that I can recall, so why are they being dragged into this? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Why do people not want ME to clear Murt's name? Why are others so scared of ME telling the truth now? What harm can come of it?

I refuse to let the big, bad E-Tards bully me from clearing Murt's name once and for all and if that means an all out E-Battle, then I guess all gloves are off!
                                                                                          Pat Dough

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Attention E-Tards

Remember E-Tards:
When you do/say bad things about someone, Karma is bound to come back and bite you right in the A$$!

Open Letter To Murt

Dear Murt,
                   While I can't go back in time and change what myself and others have done to you, I  would  like to offer up my sincerest and deepest apologies to you and while I know it can't undo the damage that's already been done, it makes sleeping for me a little easier at night by me clearing my conscience of the horrible things I've done and said about you. As I look back I realize just how childish and immature ALL of us acted towards you and for what? To this day I'm still not sure of the reason but if I had to guess I would say some people were just out to get you.

Murt, I'm an adult and I'm here to take full responsibility for my actions and my actions alone, and if the others who are/were involved are adults, they too would take full responsibility for their actions and apologize, so I can't speak for the others but someday they too will see that destroying someones life for the sake of the "LULZ" (as they like to say) is pathetic, really pathetic.

No fun ever came from watching another human-being getting treated so badly as you were, I wish I had only realized that sooner and not had the blinders on. I could have ended this before it even started Murt, but I made the choice to hang with the so called, "Cool Kids" (if that's what you want to call them), all I had to do was say NO, instead I made the decision to do all the WRONG things and now I need to make the wrongs, right.

Murt, I see where there is a new group of E-Bullies that have sunk to a new low and have involved your deceased wife and son. That in my book is the lowest form of SCUM to ever live! One line I never crossed with you Murt was that of family or family members and when others did that, that is when I took the high road and left.

These new E-Bullies have crossed all lines known to human kind by involving family in some stupid internet - blogging war. I don't know who they are and I'm sure I'm not missing much by not knowing them but one thing is for sure Murt, be the bigger person here and let the SCUM talk their trash and don't respond. If there is one thing that I've learned from the people I was mixed up with Murt, it had to be this: They say things like these new E-Tards are saying about your wife and son because they are wanting a reaction from you, so don't play their E-Tard games Murt.

Let them spew their hate because in the end what's going to happen is, someone in their little circle of friends is going to turn on them, just as I have on mine, and they will be left with nothing more than 1 or 2 little e-buddy's who will question whether or not they want to remain friends with them or not because of their hateful remarks about your family members.

These E-Tards think its cool to say these things now but wait a few days when people have time to digest what was written and God forbid if these E-Tards have children of their own.

Murt, I just wanted to write this open letter to express my sincerest apology for everything that I've done to you over the years and to ask you not to let these newest E-Tards get under your skin.

                                                                                                     Pat Dough